230 W. Monroe St., Suite 2221
Chicago, IL 60606

425 E. Washington St.
Springfield, IL 62701

818 Connecticut Ave., Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006

Telephone: 312-759-7505
Email: info@abogov.com

Alexander, Borovicka & O'Shea Government Solutions, LLC is a full service government affairs firm, providing vigorous direct advocacy on behalf of a select set of clients.  From Fortune 500 companies to privately held local businesses, organizations of many different profiles rely on Alexander, Borovicka & O'Shea to provide nuanced advice and unrivaled access to decision makers. 

Unique among lobbying firms, Alexander, Borovicka & O'Shea successfully navigates the halls of Washington, Springfield and Chicago.  The diverse backgrounds of our partners allow us to help our clients understand the ever-changing political landscape at all levels of government and capitalize on new opportunities.

Our numerous client successes include:
-      The awarding of millions of dollars in governmental contracts
-      The appropriation of millions of dollars in governmental funds
-      The passage of desired legislation
-      The defeat of negative legislation
-      Successful coalition building and message man

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